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Couper is walking now! he loves it now he can actually keep up the all the kids!!! We had a Great Easter we went to auntie Kelly and Uncle Chads had a huge Easter egg hunt and the came home and opened Easter baskets, Coup has discovered candy!!! AAAOOOO LOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trinston, Megan and Couper at Grandma Ellertson's house.
Parker, Cameron, Couper, and Keara at hte RainForest Cafe in Cali!!

Baby Coup with his cousin Parker. We were in Cali!!

I got lot of pictures of my moms camera heres some of the photos!!!


Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

so cute! How old is he now?

crazyamy said...

You look beautiful in these pics.
Cameron is always making creepy faces! Megan's hair is of course beautiful and holy cow Leja's youngest (sorry his name just slipped my mind) is huge!

Seiser's said...

Lookin good Keara.