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Couper is walking now! he loves it now he can actually keep up the all the kids!!! We had a Great Easter we went to auntie Kelly and Uncle Chads had a huge Easter egg hunt and the came home and opened Easter baskets, Coup has discovered candy!!! AAAOOOO LOL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Park City Get AWAY!!

Well this last weekend Daddy (Justin) deside to surprise Mommy (Keara) and Couper with a getaway to Park City. We had so much fun we went up there with our friends Justin, Megan, and there little girl Molly. We went shopping at the outlets, went walking down old main, we ate at this amazing resterant called the Buerry(I dont know how to spell that:-), then we played Wii sports in our beautiful hotel room, we went swimming in our HUGE jetta tub. It was a nice relaxing fun get away!!! Thanks Justin for taking us!!!!

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