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Couper is walking now! he loves it now he can actually keep up the all the kids!!! We had a Great Easter we went to auntie Kelly and Uncle Chads had a huge Easter egg hunt and the came home and opened Easter baskets, Coup has discovered candy!!! AAAOOOO LOL

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Couper:He is getting so big and is so much FUN!! He talks so well can repeat anything and comunicate by just saying one or two words. He is starting to bottie train, he loves being a big boy and using the big boy toilet!! HAHA He loves to read, dance, and hang out with his cousin Irie. We have taken him around town a least twice a week to go look for xmas lights, he loves the lights. OH and his most favorite thing on earth is:: a SCHOOL BUS!!!! everytime he see's them we have to yell BUS YEA!!!!! He loves playing where's the bus!!!


Jessi said...

I seriously LOVE your family pictures!! You guys are so gorgeous! Especially that little Couper! :)

Troy and Mandy said...

What great pictures! I can't believe how big Couper is getting!