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Couper is walking now! he loves it now he can actually keep up the all the kids!!! We had a Great Easter we went to auntie Kelly and Uncle Chads had a huge Easter egg hunt and the came home and opened Easter baskets, Coup has discovered candy!!! AAAOOOO LOL

Monday, October 27, 2008

My girl Kelly took this for me and it is my FAV pic of Couper and I in the hospital. He's so little!!! Love you BABY COUP!!!! XOXO It was truly a perfect day!!!

Lil Coup was so tired after all it is hard work when you are growing. This is when he was two months. I just lov ethis pic he looks so piece full!!

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Jord&KiraLynch said...

Yea I am so glad I couln't figure out why I could not get on to your blog. i am so glad we are blog buddies!